S02 Episode 07: Lies!

A writer, Danielle Sepulveres, shares stories about how she navigated challenging times during elementary, middle, and high school. Allie offers a shameful story of her own and the two discuss guilt, pride, and getting away with things.

Danielle is on Twitter @ellesep. Her books are available on Amazon and more of her work can be found at the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, Brooklyn Magazine, and Smart Girls.

S02 Episode 04: In Love & War

A former forced laborer reflects on the most fearful moments of his life. This interview was recorded at Fred Haring’s farmhouse in Northern Minnesota. Fred immigrated to the United States to continue his education and ultimately taught mathematics at NDSU. He speaks German, Native Indonesian, Dutch and English.

When he was a prisoner of war, Fred worked at the former Nederlandse Industries alongside Fred Beentjes, Eddie & Eric Martin, Anton Pinautuan, Karel Koele, Laurence Breuer, and their boss, Mr Kievet.

S01 Episode 18 [Finale]: We’re Gonna Be All Right

The final episode of the first season features some of the most popular stories from Season 1. Guests are open about their battles with addiction, shame, absurd politeness and imposter’s syndrome. The season wraps with a mix of laughs, insight and honesty.

The show will return on October 18th, 2016.